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Great sites on the Internet:


Artcrimes - The biggest graffiti site.

Berlin Graffiti Suckz - S-bahn, u-bahn and steel trains

Eyegasm - Swedish site with european trains.

Eternal func crypt - T
rains and subway in milano, italy

Upptown - Trains and walls from the Swedish town Uppsala

BEA land - The Danish / Norwegian crew

GPP - Oslo subway - Norway

Tag - Trains from Finland

Prohibit art - Czech Republic and the Prague train system

Freestylerz - Holland bananas and their well guarded subway

Assasins of the concrete - Steel from Southern-Sweden & Denmark

Bombing science
- Graffiti from Canada. top city bombing!

Il Bigonzo - Italian train site!

Cityfox - subways

Style Scout - Berlin trains and street bombings!

Graffitinet.com - German site with lots of trains.

DresdenGraff - Dresden - Germany trains!

Taz report - Italian trains.

Stradanove - More Italian trains and subways!

NEW: Roro - Köln/Colonge: part of the Ruhr Area s-bahn system.

NEW: Amazing - A bunch of Spanish mirror trains.

NEW: Damage Lines - Check out the Munic s-trains.

NEW: Brikk Graff - Swedish trains.

NEW: Subwaylovers - Mostly Italian subways... and a naked chic.


Underground Productions - Swedens finest graffiti magazine

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