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All images on this page are © copyright 2003 Eole.CMP.TNS, Paris, France.

What do you write?


How old are you?

I'm 25.

Where are you from?

I come from Paris 20th District (East Side Member).

What crew(s) are you in?

CMP (Comite de la Mafia Parisienne)
TNS (The Night Starz)

When and how did you start painting?

I started painting at 12-13 years old with all (aerosol, marker and innovation) I can find for writing my tag.

What made you start?

Spray Can ART, Subway ART and all graffitis, grafferz in Paris city and its Suburb.

When and where was your first piece?

In 1990 I did a small piece with a Bboy in a school, and tags on the C line and in my town.

When and where was your favorite piece?

None ... For my part I am never pleased with my work.

What was your craziest or worse writing experience?

None ... But all days that you put your bomb in your bag it will be a craziest or worse experience because cops are totally against graffiti and Paris City is crazy too.

Do you think the graffiti scene is getting better or worse, and why?

I think the graffiti scene is getting worse because the business appears with streetwear clothes, mags, video, design, video-clips, jams, galleries ... and the new generation of writerz is totaly hyptnotized by it and they buy all without knowing the foundation of this movement.

How do feel about the graffiti on the Web?

it's cool for showing your flixs but if you think you are the king because you have more 40 flixs in empty lots around your home ... switch off your computer.

What do you think about the graffiti in other countries?

The US scene and more particulary NY I think is the best scene in the world.

What's your next piece going to be?

I don't know...

Do you see your work in the future moving into other art forms?

I don't think so.

Which writers and / or artists most inspire you

FX, TNB for the US and GRYFE, ABUZE, EKSAY, DiSCO, DIKSA, MODE2, BANDO, BOXER for the French scene.

What do dislike about the graff scene?

People who think they are king and their productions are worse.

Any shout outs?

Thanks for my peeps DiSCO, SMAT, DiKSA, ROM, SKEW, YEAMD, EKER, SPONE, SKILE ...
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