Art Crimes: Eros

Artwork is © copyright 2003 Eros.BLT.IMOK.IXL.BAD, Connnecticut (USA) and other artists shown. Thanks to the photographic efforts of the BLT Troopers we are able to show a cross section of his work in chronological order (by year). Older pieces are shown first. His first piece is from 1983, and he's still painting in 2003.

1983eros-1st_piece.jpg 1983eros_old_posinx.jpg 1984eros_osx.jpg 1984oldschool-esx.jpg 1986eros-crew-shall-rainx.jpg 1986eros_beex.jpg 1986transformer_erosx.jpg 1988eros-big-bubblex.jpg 1988eros-clockx.jpg 2002eros_weadx.jpg 1989eros-coed.jpg 1989eros-obelowx.jpg 1989eros-tonix.jpg 1989eros-troll-2x.jpg 1989eros-trollx.jpg 1989eros-upsx.jpg


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