Maccaroni Magazine
Disfunzioni Musicali, Alla C.A. Di Sebi (Maccaroni) Via Degli Etruschi, 4-14 00185, Rome, Italy
32 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 50% color , published twice per year

Primary coverage: Italy, Switzerland, Spain, United States
Issue: 2

Maccaroni is a well done magazine featuring photos of Rome subways (A, B, and Lido Lines) and F.S. Trains, along with regular walls and shots of the Metro. The photos are plentiful but too small. The issue included photos from the Rome Subway System, a PME gang interview, a wall of fame for "MAKO" (R.I.P.), along with trains in Italy and abroad. Discount rates for bulk purchases (5+ issues) are available. Maccaroni is by writers -- submit as many photos as you'd like!


Magic Moments
48 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in English

Primary coverage: Denmark, Europe
Issue: 4 (Summer 2000)

Unquestionably Denmark's premiere graffiti magazine, Magic Moments continues to amaze with issue 4. With stunning dexterity, Magic Moments covers the whole graffiti scene, showcasing the best of the best in everything from tags to productions. All of the pics are crisp, vibrant, and captioned, and carefully organized. As if the photos alone weren't enough, expect to also find at least one or two in-depth articles, such as the 9 page interview with the legendary MOAS crew in issue 4. Essentially, Magic Moments is the classic graffiti magazine, perfected.


Make It Better Magazine
P.O. Box 55, 6055 Alpnach-Dorf, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 41 96 29 69

30 pages , 25% graffiti , 25% color , content in German , published bimonthly

Issue: unknown

This magazine covers all aspects of the hip-hop scene. The 75% of the magazine not related to graffiti covers stuff about music and breakdancing. Unfortunately, as far as the graffiti goes, you can find more or less the same stuff in 14K. Unless you're a pro at German, don't expect to pull too much info out of the articles.

Mass Appeal
Suite 4042, 341 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012, USA
Telephone: +1 718 623-2421
48 (8.5x11) pages , 80% graffiti , 100% color , content in English , published quarterly

Primary coverage: NYC, United States (east coast), United States
Issue: 4

With its latest effort, Mass Appeal takes a leap forward, doubling its size, further enhancing its content, and in general putting together an extra-fine publication. While Mass Appeal is planning to broaden its horizons in the future, today it's mostly about NYC with a few other locales tossed in for variety (for instance, some nice German steel was featured in this issue). Although it probably goes without saying, you'll see some terrific styles here, shown in a clean, effective and exciting manner. One area in which Mass Appeal has improved considerably is photo quality: expect top-notch photos presented loud, clear, and most importantly, large. Also not to be overlooked is a solid collection of articles, reviews, and interview (the interview with REVS was worth the price of admission alone). Lastly, Mass Appeal includes a high-quality mailorder section featuring zines, videos, supplies, and tees. Nice work.


Massive Theory
P.O. Box 805303, Chicago, IL 60680-4114, USA

Issue: none

Masterpiece Magazine
P.O. Box 925, Artesia, CA 90702-0925, USA

20 (8.5x11) pages , 100% graffiti , 11% color , content in English

Primary coverage: California
Issue: unknown

The editors of this zine follow the more is better philosophy of displaying flicks. Every page is packed with high quality pieces, probably more so than any other zine out there. But what they gain in quantity they lose in the quality of the display -- the size of the photos obfuscates the pieces they're depicting. There is a definite LA and California bent to the flicks, but many scenes are represented, as are a variety of artists. Additionally, there are a lot of new faces featured that you don't see in other zines.

Miami Method
out of print

content in English

Issue: none


c/o Frisco, 229 Devoe Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA
Telephone: +1 917 553-1102
4 (8.5x14) pages , 100% graffiti , 0% color , content in English , published 3 week

Primary coverage: NYC
Issue: 6 (July 1999)

Minworld is a little Xeroxed affair containing mostly interviews, along with a few grainy (but good) NYC graffiti photos. Although weighing in at only four pages, Minworld contains a number of decent interviews and other written content, such as opinion on graffiti from both political and conventional angles. Best yet, it's currently free (though this may be changing shortly).


Modern Hieroglyphics
P.O. Box 32630, Detroit, MI 48232-32630, USA

25+ (8.5x11) pages , 100% graffiti , 90% color , content in English , published quarterly

Primary coverage: United States, Trains
Issue: Winter 1994/1995

Modern Hieroglyphics is a hip zine out of the Motor City. While most of the world has not heard much of the scene in Michigan, this magazine proves graff is alive and well. Even so, most of the graff is actually from NYC, LA and the other usual places. While there's certainly a lot of flicks, the actual quality of the pieces seems to vary more than one would really like, ranging from really amazing Giant pieces to some rather sophomoric attempts at graffiti. Hopefully the magazine will get more and more high-end pieces as it gains exposure to the national circuit.


Molotov Cocktail
56 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 40% color , content in English and French

Primary coverage: Europe, United States
Issue: 7 (Winter 1998)

What can you say about Molotov Cocktail that hasn't already been said? Simply put, if you haven't seen this zine, you haven't seen how good a graffiti zine can get. The finest blends of images and words available to the graffiti community. Molotov believes that graffiti is more about culture than art, and the result is a magazine of both style and substance -- and hovering around 60 pages with almost no advertisements, Molotov will satisfy even the most voracious graffiti appetite.

First, Molotov is about substance, and it delivers bigtime: articles, interviews, poems, and expositions abound. The interviews are both engaging and educational. The articles and expositions are unique and offbeat, and the presence of poetry speaks of a presence seldom seen the corporate graffiti machine: a heart. What's more, all of it is available in both French and English.

Second, Molotov is about style: from bombing to productions, Molotov covers it all, and covers it in XXL portions. The pieces, while a bit small for self-study, are nonetheless of high-quality and presented in vast quantities. The focus on style doesn't stop with the artwork, however: pay special attention to Molotov's beautiful layout, which shows how the truly great layouts are those that manage to have style and still let the content speak. How can a zine get so many damn things right? Molotov is sickeningly good.


Monkey Styles
out of print

Issue: none

Move/Styles for Miles
51 Macdougal Street #106, New York, NY 10012, USA

100% graffiti , 0% color , content in English

Issue: unknown

The issue that this reviewer saw was quite old, but if they have made any improvements since then, they will be right up there among the heavyweights. Although it is just a photocopied zine, the content is so heavy that you want to get every issue you can. S4M features blackbook from the giants of the graffiti world, which is a nice break from the norm.

MZee Productions
Clemenstr. 37, 50676 Koln, Germany
48 (A4) pages , 10% graffiti , 0% color , content in German

Issue: unknown

This magazine is produced by the Mzee record label, and thus the zine focuses on music, featuring loads of interviews with rappers from around the globe. However, it does devote 5 black-and-white pages to graff photos, each page dedicated to a single writer, including loads of train action. It's worth checking out, but only subscribe if you speak the language.

Next Level
Beukenlaan2, 2820 Bonheiden, Belgium
28 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in English , published twice per year

Primary coverage: Belgium, Trains
Issue: none

From the editor:
Next Level is Belgium's first color graffiti magazine! The first issue has pages of rare hardcore subway flicks, an interview with Medz, lots of trains and wholecars (many taken while the trains were running) from Belgium and beyond. Next level works hard to show what's really running -- that means no kind turns!


Night Time Rituals
36 (8.5x11) pages , 100% graffiti , 0% color , content in English , published 4-6 per year

Primary coverage: San Francisco
Issue: none

From the editor:
Night Time Rituals is a black-and-white magazine containing graffiti from the Bay Area, featuring the likes of Dream, Poem, Excel, Giant, Estate, Sier, Furious, Dement, Krash, Gigs, and Bukue.

Night Writer
P.O. Box 3714, Santa Rosa, CA 95402-3714, USA

10 pages , 100% graffiti , 30% color , content in English

Issue: none


Primary coverage: Freights
Issue: none

Nite Crawlers
24 (8.5x11) pages , 100% graffiti , 0% color , content in English , published bimonthly

Primary coverage: United States
Issue: 6

This is a well-done all black-and-white zine which looks like it was put together with a lot of love and care, but on a pretty tight budget. By and large the pieces and photos are high quality, but a lot is lost in the grayscale presentation, which takes a page that could be filled with vibrant colors and instead befuddles your eyes with tapestries of white and black. This reviewer would gladly pay more for a color version of this magazine.


No Frills
23 Chestnut Hill Road, Newtown, CT 06470, USA

62 pages , content in English , published 3 per year

Primary coverage: California, Colorado, Connecticut, New York
Issue: none

No Limits 2 Fame
out of print

28 (8.25x10.5) pages , 100% graffiti , 60% color , content in English

Primary coverage: California, United States, Europe
Issue: 3

Put together by two west coast veterans, No Limits 2 Fame features a solid collection of graffiti from Frisco, Los Angeles and abroad. Although the amount of graffiti served up is limited, the quality of the photos is quite high and the layout is clean. In addition to the flicks, issue 3 also includes a nice interview with Mode 2, graffiti news, and a nice "how-to" on making your own skinny caps. A nice, well-rounded publication.


Nonentity Magazine
P.O. Box 100894, Birmingham, AL 35210, USA
36 (5.5x8.5) pages , 40% graffiti , 100% color , content in English

Primary coverage: United States (Midwest)
Issue: 3

Somewhat reminiscent of Life Sucks Die, Nonentity is a blend of graffiti, torture, killers, and poetry that most will find quite disturbing, though it appears that is largely the purpose. The graffiti itself is unevenly photocopied and not captioned, relegating it to a supporting role, even though it comprises almost half of the zine.


Postfach 741, ch-3000 Bern 7, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 79 233 5116 +41 78 649 2153
Fax: +41 33 243 2910
48 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 75% color , content in German and English

Primary coverage: Switzerland, Europe, United States
Issue: 8

Nonstop is a Swiss Hip-Hop tour-de-force that covers all aspects of the Swiss scene: sketches, tags, throws, pieces, burners, end-to-ends, productions -- you name it, it's here. There's a lot of other graffiti action in Nonstop as well, from both Europe and North America. The graffiti itself includes some all of Europe's classic styles, laid out reasonably on glossy stock. While Nonstop is largely about photos, there are a few articles, interviews, and a nice comic. Take note that while Nonstop is in both English and German, a number of scanned newspaper articles are not translated. The quintessential graffiti zine.


Now Skool
out of print

Issue: none

Nowy Strumien (New Stream)
out of print

30 pages , 100% graffiti , 8% color

Primary coverage: Europe, Trains
Issue: unknown

Nowy Strumien is a quaint little zine put out by the DNS (Drastic New Stream A.K.A. Drastyczny Nowy Strumien) in Warsaw, Poland. The zine generally features a few pages of articles (mostly interviews with other writers), as well as some humorous press clippings. As far as flicks go, the image quality is sub-par but the actual pieces are combed from a wide variety of cities, including Warsaw, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, and the many rails between them.

P.O. Box 130038, Birmingham, AL 35213, USA

30 (8.5x11) pages , 100% graffiti , 0% color , content in English

Primary coverage: Birmingham, Trains
Issue: none

Nude and Rude Review
0% color , content in English

Primary coverage: Chicago
Issue: unknown

Nude and Rude Review, put by a Chicago writer, focuses the Chicago graffiti scene, along with supermodels both nude and clothed, cartoons, and information about being straight edge (abstaining from drugs and alcohol). It's all black-and-white, and features articles on a wide variety of topics.

Number One
P.O Box CH-4001 Basel, Switzerland
32 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in English , published 3 per year

Primary coverage: Switzerland, Italy, Europe, NYC
Issue: 2 (2000)

For its second effort, Number One expands its hardcore approach to covering graffiti, with lots of illegal steel, along with a smattering of the rest, from tags to productions. Number One has little written content, with no captions, no articles, and just one terse interview, but the graffiti is culturally diverse and varied, and form an excellent silent movie of graffiti culture as a whole. While the flicks are occasionally too fuzzy, dim, or small, on the whole this is a quality zine with a nice photo collection.



24 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in Spanish

Primary coverage: Madrid, Spain, Europe, Trains
Issue: 1 (1997)

Obsesion is a nice full-color zine covering lots of the European scene, with a focus on trains. Although there are a few pages of productions, Obsesion is mostly about pieces on metal, laid out by city and presented in a straightforward manner. The graffiti itself varies in quality but is generally pretty solid, with a few particularly nice works by Dare/Toast/Dream. In total, fine but unmemorable.


On & On
20 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in French

Primary coverage: Paris
Issue: none

On the Go
127 Macdougal Street, #973, New York, NY 10012, USA
Fax: +1 212 592-0903

84 (8.5x11) pages , 60% graffiti , 68% color , content in English , published bimonthly

Primary coverage: United States, Worldwide
Issue: 17

On The Go is one of the most successful graffiti magazines out there and one of the most mainstream. OTG is a hip-hop magazine with a strong focus on graffiti and a good sense of humor. While about half of the magazine is devoted to hip-hop grooves (which may or may not be of any interest), the graffiti piled in between is stunningly presented and extremely well varied. Expect to see NYC, Philly and California styles on a regular basis.


On the Run
c/o Mzee Hip Hop Mailorder, Neue Maastrichter Str 12-14, 50672 Koeln, Germany
Fax: +49 (0) 221 510 73 99
68 (6.25x9.5) pages , 100% graffiti , 97% color , content in English

Primary coverage: See description
Issue: Blackbooks Volume 1

On the Run has been reborn, and is now a magazine like none other. Breaking the pandemic "tons of flicks and a few articles" mold, On the Run has pioneered what the zine calls the Blackbook Format, which is based on two major ideas: feature one artist or crew per issue, and feature that artist or crew large. This means that each issue chronicles an individual approach to graffiti, and permits the reader to examine and understand their essence through whole-page photographs. As On the Run puts it, their "Blackbooks Volumes" is their effort "to make contemporary graff visible, and to make it possible to study the style of a single artist or crew - because the style lives in all pieces." While On the Run appears quite expensive on the face of it, it is actually a bargain considering that it has no advertisements and wastes no space. Simply put, it is one of the most original and impressive showcases of aerosol culture today. To pick up an issue in the USA, check out Tower Records, Xylene Mailorder, or 12 Ounce Prophet Mailorder.


One Track Mind
1148 SouthGate Ave, Daly City, CA 94015
40 (8.5x11) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in English

Primary coverage: United States (west coast)
Issue: 1

One Track Mind bills itself as "the preservation of graffiti funk in the Bay Area", and it doesn't let down, with hundreds upon hundreds of flicks of classic Bay Area aerosol that will take any graffiti veteran fondly back to their roots. Featuring the best glimpses into the early days of Bay Area graffiti yet, One Track Mind is loaded with killer old-school photos and sharp modern-day interviews with the kings that pioneered the scene into what it is today.


Our Nations Capital
c/o Marko P., Commons Apt. 2203, 120 McMechen Street, Baltimore, MD 21217, USA
24 (8.5x11) pages , 100% graffiti , 0% color , content in English

Primary coverage: Washington DC, Worldwide
Issue: 1

Our Nation's Capital is a DC graffiti zine that wants to show everything good DC graffiti has to offer, along with blackbook drawings and assorted features. The graffiti itself is decent; there's even some pretty nice productions scattered about. However, the key element here is finding photos that fit the medium: Xeroxed affairs work best when they stick to documenting sharp, vivid, high-contrast graffiti (a good example of this is Giant's "Huffer" zine). Here, while we find graffiti that works well in a photocopied setting, some of the graffiti becomes a massive jumble of gray. It's missing the point of the zine to harp too much on this issue though; ONC is just as much about attitude as it is about pieces, as a scathing rebuttal to a Washington Post article demonstrates. The zine is currently interested in moving to a color format, and is soliciting advertisers in order to finance the move.


Out for Fame
24 (8.5x10.5) pages , 100% graffiti , 0% color , content in English and French

Primary coverage: Montreal Graffiti Exhibit 2000
Issue: unnumbered

Out for Fame is not a traditional zine, but rather is a wonderful "playbill" done for the 2000 Montreal Graffiti Exhibit, which featured many of Canada's most innovative graffiti artists. Nonetheless, Out for Fame's layout and execution is better than most mainstream zines, centered around an innovative format which gives a taste of each artist at the show via a succinct biography and a representative work. Impressively elegant.


12 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in English

Primary coverage: Europe
Issue: 1

Outline is a promising zine coming out of Paris. The issue reviewed is a very high-quality affair, though just the first. The zine features mostly walls, with 2 pages of trains, although the trains aren't worth your while. Stay tuned.


The Outline
4770 SW 22 Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317, USA

15 (8.5x11) pages , 50% graffiti , 100% color , content in English , published bimonthly

Primary coverage: Trains
Issue: none

Koepenicker Strasse 195 A, 10997 Berlin Kreuzberg, Germany
Phone / Fax: +49 (0) 30 69506126
64 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 95% color , content in English and German

Primary coverage: Germany, United States
Issue: 12

Exploding from its epicenter in Berlin, Overkill is a no-nonsense flicks zine devoted to the best in hardcore action. With more than 60 glossy graffiti-packed pages featuring a well-balanced diet of concrete and steel, everyone is sure to find something they like, though the hectic layout of the zine may lengthen the quest. Also sprinkled into the mix are a couple of short interviews, provided in both German and English.


Paris Conexion
16 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in French

Primary coverage: Paris, Europe, Trains
Issue: 2

The only thing really unique about Paris Conexion is its locale. While there's nothing really wrong with the zine, there's nothing that makes it stand out either. Paris Conexion is largely flicks, which is good for those of us not fluent in French. The graffiti, which is disappointingly ho-hum at times, consists of mainly throws and pieces, mostly on trains. For those into destruction and train / vehicle bombing, Paris Conexion is worth it. For everyone else, check it out first to see if you like it.


1240 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA
Telephone: +1 831 469-0542
Fax: +1 831 469-0214
32 (8.25x10.5) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in English

Primary coverage: United States
Issue: 5

Phantom, (changed from "Huffer" to avoid confusion with Giant's Huffer magazine), is put out by Bill's Wheels Skateshop in California. Although perhaps a little top-heavy in productions (many of them from the skateshop's own walls), you won't notice until your jaw starts hurting. Phantom features productions from everyone who's anyone in the Bay Area (and many who are just passing through), along with characters, pieces, and freights. Although the amount of graffiti isn't excessive, almost every photo is worthy of detailed study and will leave you itching to get your hands on some paint. The presentation is effective, the colors are dazzling and the overall production quality is excellent. In addition to the artwork, each issue features a short interview or two. Recommended reading for anyone into the future of graffiti.


Plaid Rabbit
P.O. Box 16651, St. Paul, MN 55116, USA
36 (5.5x8.5) pages , 50% graffiti , 0% color , content in English

Primary coverage: St. Paul/Minneapolis, Female Writers
Issue: 32 (Fall 2002)

Plaid Rabbit is a lovely little handmade zine that deftly combines graffiti, poetry, and social commentary. Plaid Rabbit does not restrict itself to the aerosol culture, but there is a fair amount of graffiti-related content here via articles and introspections. Although not focused on photos (this is a copy-machine affair after all), there is some nice graffiti to be found in here, and it's clear that care was taken to choose high-contrast artwork that will agree with the photocopied nature of the zine. Plaid Rabbit is assembled by a female writer and the zine as a whole works hard to promote and showcase other females involved in the scene, which is a welcome change of pace. If you're looking for something a bit more thought-provoking and personal than the traditional graffiti swank-zine, check out Plaid Rabbit.


188 Trail Ridge Lane, Markham, Ontario, L6C 2C5 Canada
6 (5.5x8.5) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in English

Primary coverage: Canada, Worldwide
Issue: none


Possessed Animation Magazine
P.O. Box 22438, Tuscon, AZ 85734-2438, USA

Issue: none

C.P. 101, Via Barozzi, 11-40126, Bologna, Italy
Fax: +39 (0)51254816
30 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in English and Italian

Primary coverage: Italy, Denmark, Europe
Issue: Beta 1

Pressure is a prime example of an exciting and growing trend in graffiti zines: using traditional graffiti as its bricks and mortar, Pressure carefully and elegantly assembles its own work of art. This novel approach is both captivating and compelling, though it does come at a price: many of the original works must be modified to fit, whether it be through cropping or overlays. Pressure does a reasonably good job of not harming the flicks, and is careful to caption all the original material, though some of the effects do impact the original artwork, which, by the way, is exceedingly high-caliber. Pressure also includes a couple of short articles and interviews, which, when combined with the aforementioned layout and kick-ass flicks, adds up to an impressive debut offering.


Pressure Expansion Valve
P.O. Box 422, Thermi 57001, Thessaloniki, Greece
48 (9.5x13) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in English and Greek

Primary coverage: Greece
Issue: 5 ( 1999)

With its fifth issue, Pressure Expansion Valve goes from a sweet little zine to a phenomenal coffee-table-worthy "book". Like several other recent publications, Pressure Expansion Valve has taken the graffiti zine to the next level with a stunning format and layout that effortlessly complements the graffiti and, in so doing, becomes artwork itself. Of course, the graffiti is exceptional as well, and as with previous issues, the zine lets the graffiti speak for itself, with only a few short articles, some only in Greek. Frighteningly good.


Props Up!
P.O. Box 629, Osseo, MN 55369, USA

Issue: none

From the editor:
Props Up! has four full color pages and two black bomb pages. The rest is made up of punk and hardcore record reviews and articles on political activism.

Public Art Review
2324 University Avenue West #102, St. Paul, MN 55114 USA

Issue: none

Since Public Art Review covers all forms of art, they do cover graffiti from time to time.

2809 Stonemill Court, Modesto, CA 95355 USA

Issue: none

52, boulevard G. Koenigs, 31300 Toulouse, France
34 (11.5x8) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in French

Primary coverage: France, some Europe
Issue: 1 (Fall 2003)

If a writer has invested time into his/her craft, it will be obvious in their work. Quality, from France, is like a well-rounded, budding writer, with pages & spreads dedicated to tags, outlines, throws, 2-tones, proper fills, trains (even a Euro freight!) & productions. The majority of the photos spotlight Paris and Toulouse, and a few legends get their due via interviews. Now that Quality has harnessed its style, its time to establish its identity. I look forward to future issues and limits getting pushed. With a strong foundation rooted in raw graffiti, I hope they challenge themselves by taking risks and differentiating themselves from the rest. Stay UP Quality!


Quality of Life
P.O. Box 243, Hackettstown, NJ 07840, USA

20 (8.5x11) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in English

Primary coverage: NYC, United States, Old-school
Issue: 2 (1997)

While Quality of Life is not a big or especially fancy zine, it is reasonably well put together and features a fabulous collection of 70s and 80s graffiti from the heart of New York City. Expect to find lots of lost treasures, some short interviews, and an outpouring of memories. Hopefully QoL will be able to attract advertisers and grow into a more expansive publication, but for the time being it is still worth a look, especially for those into vintage NYC.


Quiet Riot
Top Choice, I.G. Hip-Hop im E-werk, Fuchsenwiese 1, 91054 Erlangen, Germany

24 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 100% color , content in English

Primary coverage: Germany, Trains
Issue: unknown

Quiet Riot is a simple, flicks-only zine out of Germany that does a nice job presenting its scene. Quiet Riot focuses on pieces, especially on steel, though there are also a few pages devoted to throws as well. Though the graffiti is of high quality, many of the photos are too small, making the graffiti harder to appreciate. The layout, which was done by hand (rather than computer), is energetic and at times downright frenetic, though it does not feel out of place given the zine's name. A good time, but it may make you dizzy.


The Real State
S. Budziszewski, 31 Worrall Road, High Green, Sheffield, S35 3LL, United Kingdom

content in English

Primary coverage: Europe
Issue: unknown

This veteran UK underground hip-hop zine has featured articles by Vulcan, Phase 2, Spon, DC3, Fista, Mist 1, Part 2, Drax, Tru Roc & Space. Also includes music articles by Coolio, Son of Noise, Fugees & DJ Pogo. Articles on much more in hip-hop culture too.

Red Eye Magazine
43 Park Place, Middletown, CT 06457, USA
Telephone: +1 860 704-0734

Issue: none

From the editor:
Red Eye Magazine is a free, local, socially and politically responsible hip-hop magazine, produced for and by the community. Our goals are to shed light on the local scene, provide a forum for discussion on a variety of issues affecting our lives, and to help people improve their lives through their involvement in the hip-hop culture.

This magazine is highly unique for several reasons. Unlike most magazines that claim to be about hip-hop, but focus mostly on commercial MC's, Red Eye is about celebrating the entire spectrum of our culture: MC's, DJ's, graff writers, poets, record labels, political activists, producers, clothing companies -- anyone or anything that dares to make a statement by putting out their work. And most importantly, we're bringing it to you in their own words -- no interviews, no reviews -- we let people speak for themselves.

Most importantly, this magazine is designed to expand your mind. We all have dreams and fears, hardships and successes, and we all have opinions on the state of our community and the world around us. The problem is, lots of stuff that people think about doesn't get discussed often enough -- racism, religion, family -- and as a result, we bottle up our feelings and emotions. Whether you hate or relate to the shit you'll see here, it will make you think -- something we as a community don't do enough of. We'll also have articles and information on important events going on nearby -- shows, volunteer opportunities, protests and marches, important legislation -- so you can be an active part in the evolution of our culture and community.

Refused Art and Culture Magazine
P.O. Box 581922, Modesto, CA 95358, USA

26 (8.5x11) pages, 90% graffiti, 100% color, content in English.

Primary coverage: Northern/Central California, USA.

From the editor:
Interviews with Style, Quake, Kasm and Pashe. Music interview with one of the Bay Area's most talented MCs, Top.R. Art interview with LA's own Elizabeth McGrath, article on Bay Area Artist, Alex Pardee, and an interview with one of the art world's most demented multi-media artists, Robert Bowen. Tattoo interview with Jopa from the Central Valley.


Rejected Medium
P.O. Box 22195, Flagstaff, AZ 86002-2195, USA

24 (8.5x11) pages , 100% graffiti , 0% color , content in English , published quarterly

Primary coverage: Phoenix, United States (west coast)
Issue: 1

Rejected Medium is a very nice black-and-white publication with a solid collection of graffiti from some very well known names like Felon, Twist, Cycle, Virus and Erni to name a few. Expect largely large pieces and productions, but there is also an ample freight section and some bombing action. Unfortunately, for a zine which features nothing but photos, the lack of color limits the presentation and thus the reader's overall enjoyment. Still, those who are fans of classic North American graffiti won't be disappointed.


C.I. 32838971, Ufficio Postale di Cesena, Succursale 5, Italy

24 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 50% color , content in English

Primary coverage: Trains, Italy, Europe
Issue: 2 (1996)

Report is zine featuring the huge European movement, focusing almost exclusively on illegal trains. The zine itself is terrific, with an original layout, good use of color, and thick, glossy stock. However, the graffiti is surprisingly mediocre, given the European skills showcased in zines such as Style Wars. Additionally, the quality of the flicks themselves has an astronomical standard deviation and the interviews and articles would benefit from a proofread. Still, there's a lot of promise here.


28 (A4) pages , 100% graffiti , 15% color , content in English/Finnish

Primary coverage: Finland, Denmark
Issue: 1 (1994?)

Finland's first color graffiti zine, Respect has been representing the area for many years now. If the first issue is any indication, Respect is mainly about showcasing graffiti for the region around the Baltic Sea in all its forms from bombs to productions, along with a couple hip-hop articles in Finnish.


Rockin Rails
907 North 31st Street, Yakima, WA 98901, USA

12 (8.5x5.5) pages , 100% graffiti , 0% color , content in English

Primary coverage: United States, Trains
Issue: 1

Rockin' Rails is a small photocopied black-and-white all-trains zine. The graffiti is solid and there is a good amount of graffiti per buck, but the images are grainy and obscure the pieces. The zine should be improving dramatically over the next few issues, so stay tuned.


Rolling Stock
P.O. Box 112612, Miami, FL 33111-2612, USA

20 (8.5x11) pages , 80% graffiti , 10% color , content in English

Primary coverage: Trains
Issue: unknown

Rolling Stock is a zine dedicated to the documentation and education of the freight scene nationwide. Along with many flicks of freight action coast to coast, there is hobo poetry and railroad lingo within. Send these guys a shout and get hip to the underground steel movement.

Route 144
16 (8.5x11) pages , 100% graffiti , 87% color , content in English

Primary coverage: Freights, United States (Midwest)
Issue: 1 (1997)

Most zines rely on reader submissions for their content, which means it is often difficult to figure out who's really getting up and who's just generating hype. This little zine solves this problem by actually going down to the yards themselves and snapping flicks of what's actually running through the system in Denver, Colorado. What we see is a nice collection of classic freight graffiti from all over the continent, including some older stuff from underappreciated writers like Ryze and Dove. Along with the photos, this issue featured an interview with Sug and a short piece on hobo graffiti. Agreeable.


Runnin Da Show
P.O. Box 10445, San Jose, CA 95157

28 (8.5x11) pages , 100% graffiti , 0% color , content in English

Primary coverage: San Francisco, California
Issue: 1

Runnin' Da Show is a high-quality black-and-white zine, featuring lots of great art from all around California. Artists like Twist, Felon, and Giant are well represented, and the graphic layout is well done. The zine consists almost entirely of photos, which is the way graff should be. Runnin' Da Show's biggest problem is that it's in black-and-white -- one can just imagine what some of the pieces would look like in living color! However, for the price, Runnin' Da Show is a great deal.


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