Artwork is © copyright 2017 Team FarbTourette, from Germany. Please send corrections to info@graffiti.org and mention FarbTourette. Photos thanks to Marc Sund.

"Galactic Fight Time" - Sker, Marc Sund, Reos

detail - "Anno 2353: Israeli and Palestinian Cyborgs are still fighting!" - by Marc Sund

Marc Sund in Augsburg

"Quicksilver" - Aron, Marc Sund in Koblenz

Aron, Marc Sund in Trier

Four Elements Jam with Aron and Marc Sund, FT in Bingen

Aron, Marc Sund Marc Sund

"Ideology" - Regas, Marc Sund, in Trier

Marc Sund in Munich

Marc Sund in Wiesbaden Marc Sund in Heidelberg

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