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October 04, 2002
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Augyst 06, 2002
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july 31, 2002
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Fumes from aerosol paint are a serious health hazard, and while not immediatly apparent, there are many long term side affects including cancer, lung/breathing damage, motor control, urinary problems, etc. While the fumes may not bother you, the health risk is still present. It is very important to get a respirator, especialy if you do a lot of painting, particularly in between train lines where the fumes can build up to high concentrations similar to enclosed rooms. Commonly used respirators are made by 3M or Wilson, can be found in the hardware section of many department stores. Products bearing NIOSH conformance labels for use with paint provide the best protection. Also be sure to change cartridges frequently despite the cost. A good way to check if a cartridge is at the end of its life cycle is to smell it from the inside of the mask, if there is any indication of paint odor then it is time to change it.