Art Crimes: France 6

All artwork on this page is © copyright 2005 the artists. Please send correct captions to and mention France 6.

These murals are from Kosmopolite 2005, courtesy of Christine and Taxie gallery. U.V (Paris), Shuck DMC (Paris), Hao (Paris), Great (top) (Copenhagen), Caru (Argentina) - Jazz (Argentina) - 6pack (Paris) (below), Nesse (top) (Grenoble), Abdel Rahman Ahmad Katamani (bottom) (Chatila, Palestine), Xtra Largos (Spain) (letters and face of Kayna Samet), Vida (Paris), Yoda (top) (Paris), Bates (bottom) (Copenhagen), Mask (in back by black square) (Paris) / El Mac (USA, Phoenix), Ces (USA, NY), Silouette (USA, Phoenix), Der (Toulouse), Zedz (Amsterdam), Sharp (USA, NY), Dum.Crew (Paris), Speedy Graphito (Paris), Souk (Toulouse), Posh (Toulouse), ASG Crew (Paris)

kosmontage12005x.jpg kosmontage22005ax.jpg kosmontage22005bx.jpg kosmontage32005ax.jpg kosmontage32005bx.jpg

rawkosmo2005x.jpg RAW (Paris)

from Battle of the Year, France 2005. It is missing Kongo's piece. Please send it if you have it.

Zebster, Pwoz (MAC), Pest (P19), Loop (P19), Jon Buzz (P19), Alex (MAC, Club), Brok (3HC, Club), Myre (MAC), Lazoo (MAC) ... Kongo (photo not available)


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