Art Crimes: Ft. Lauderdale 3

All pictures on this page are © copyright 2003 the artists. Photos courtesy of Merck Records. Walls were painted in 1995-99. Please send caption corrections to (mention Ft. Lauderdale 3)

Griffin Penet
crome_3storiestall_griffinx.jpg Crome crome_griffinx.jpg Crome doper_gb_rip_griffinx.jpg Doper, George (aka GB) (RIP) gere_griffinx.jpg Gere gere2_griffinx.jpg Gere jaes_griffinx.jpg Jaes medx_griffinx.jpg Medx msg_griffinx.jpg MSG msg2_griffinx.jpg MSG obey_griffinx.jpg Obey outside_wall_griffinx.jpg Outside wall, Griffin revok_notdone_beno_griffinx.jpg Revok, unfinished Beno (RIP) rumor_oil_griffinx.jpg Rumor, Oil sefer_griffinx.jpg Sefer sege_jaes_deve_griffinx.jpg Sege (RIP), Jaes, Deve seger_griffinx.jpg Seger (RIP) seger2_griffinx.jpg Seger (RIP) seger3_griffinx.jpg Seger (RIP)

City Walls

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