All artwork © copyright 2009 the artists and Gaze.DF.IMOK, from Connecticut and New York, USA. Gaze has been writing since 1989. His early painting partners were Emit, Cycle, Noble, Hush, Eroc (RIP), Cromag (RIP), and Baron (RIP).

Gaze one says... "My early influences visually were H.R. Giger, as well as Moebius, and unconventional personal musical choices such as Hardcore Punk and Metal. Emit actually influenced me to clean up the razor sharp outline. I grew weary of the cleanliness of the fill. I collected paint from a can and thew it at the wall. I had to warn every one in the vicinity. Sorry."

Photos thanks to Emit and Demented Freaks:
73_gaze_dcx.jpg 73_gaze_emitx.jpg with Emit 73_gaze09x.jpg 73_gaze10x.jpg 73_gaze11_1x.jpg 73_gaze1199x.jpg 73_gaze1200x.jpg 73_gaze1213x.jpg 73_gaze1214x.jpg 73_gaze14_1x.jpg 73_gaze2dfx.jpg


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