Tim Guider

All artwork and images © copyright 2003 Tim Guider, Sydney, Australia Visit his site. Tim is not a graffiti artist in the strictest sense, instead, he is an outlaw muralist. He has at least one high-profile illegal mural with the help of writers (bottom of page) and several of these were painted at Long Bay prison while he was serving time for bank robbery.

1st_guider_long_bayx.jpg 2nd_guider_long_bayx.jpg 2nd_guider_stanmorex.jpg 3rd_guider_long_bayx.jpg 4th_guider_long_bayx.jpg guider_canvas_nude_studyx.jpg guider_long_bay_prisonx.jpg guider_redfern_sydneyx.jpg guider_sculpt_hope_longx.jpg guider_stanmore_sydneyx.jpg guider_tv_violencex.jpg guider_tv_violence_detailx.jpg

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