Wiping Out The Graffiti

This article featured in a local Canterbury free newspaper, autumn 1996.

Graffiti vandals who deface buildings and walls in Canterbury, Herne Bay and Whistable have been told: "Your time is up."

The city council and police are to crack down following a recent upsurge which has cost 3000 pounds to clean graffiti from council buildings alone.

"This is public money we are spending," said a council official.

Stg Mark Baldwin said: "The time is up for graffiti vandals. We intend to crack down on this form of vandalism but we need the public to help us.

"Anyone who catches them in the act should contact us immediately. We would like to receive information on the exact location, the tag used, and if possible the names of the offenders."

In Canterbury, it is hoped to tackle the problem using closed circuit television cameras.

The council has put in a bid for Home Office funds to install the cameras in the city centre.

If the bid is successful 12 cameras could be in use within a year, but the council's spending depends on the city traders making a significant contribution.

Meanwhile, with the Pride of Canterbury group, police are keeping up their campaign against graffiti with the city's three community unit officers, PCs John Hunt, Nick Thompson and Dave Carter.

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