Graffiti Offenders Are Targeted In Crackdown

This article featured in a local Canterbury free newspaper, autumn 1996.

Graffiti costs the community thousands of pounds to clean and in many cases causes irreparable damage to property.

PC Nick Thompson, of the community unit, is collecting details of all graffiti in the Canterbury area. He intends to plot all the locations where graffiti is and the type or names which are used.

PC Thompson would also be interested in similar details from Herne Bay and Whitstable areas.

Specifically, he needs the exact location of the graffiti; the word or 'tag' used; and the names of the offenders, if known, and which 'tag' they are using.

Any person witnessing the spraying of graffiti should contact the police immediately by the 999 system if necessary with a description of the offender.

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