Your help is needed!!

If you have something to contribute then please do! You can send me scanned pics either by uuencoding them or sending them as an attachment to an email. If these options are not possible then please email me for more details on ftp and dcc. But I need some good flicks from the Canterbury area so get sending!!

Please, no copyrighted stuff or stuff nicked off other sites, only your own scanned flicks. You can send them as any popular PC graphic files (jpg, gif, bmp, etc), or as Amiga iff files, but please keep the file size as *small* as possible.

Pics and comments are most welcome to this address:

Please state Canterbury pages when emailing me.

Also, please send mail to the above address if you wish to contribute with any other help, articles of interest, ideas, etc. It's up to you, make the most out of it!

Remember, you can use for a free Web-based email account if you do not have (or want to give) a real email address.


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