Iltalehti Article Response

It has just come to my attention today (7th September 1997) that this web site was recently featured in "Iltalehti," a Finnish newspaper. The article stated many things that simply were not true or were over exaggerated.

A few points:

There is no secret language used on these pages, it's all in English simply because 1) this is a page viewed by people all over the world, 2) I can't write Finnish very well. The Finnish contributions in the guestbook are in Finnish because, well, I guess they were Finnish people writing the messages. Nothing secret at all (unless it's so secret I don't even know about it!). A new version of the guestbook will be back soon, anyway.

The web page address is not secret or underground at all. In fact I think this site is on many Internet search engines. I'm not trying to hide anything, in fact one of the aims of these pages is to show as many people as possible this type of artwork. A free access Internet web page is not a good place to hide anything...

I believe I was referred to as a young graffiti artist. Wrong once again. I simply enjoy this art form and want to show the world what Helsinki's talented artists have to offer. I do not take part in any illegal graffiti activities. I wonder if I could sue Iltalehti for that? :)

There is no special live camera showing graffiti from the Pasila gallery. However, as stated, there is a link to a camera provided by YLE, the Finnish state broadcaster. The fact that I called it a "grafcam" and it could be used to spot new graffiti was simply a joke, not to be taken too seriously. It is a popular camera, but because of the nature of the camera only a few people can use it at any one time. I don't think the link from these pages is the cause of any congestion. I'm sure more people visit it from YLE's web site, for example.

This web space does not cost me anything. It is kindly provided free of charge by Art Crimes to display this graffiti art form from Helsinki. So it is actually the cheapest option available.

As far as I know TDR have not defaced any tombstones, and I have not praised them for doing so.

It is possible that the police have looked at this site, so what. However I am not aware that I am doing anything currently illegal (and do not intend to in the future). I would like to point out that some of the pieces may be legal and some may not even be where I have stated them to be due to mix-ups or whatever. Also, I'm sure they have a more comprehensive collection of pictures than the Helsinki Connection ever will. ;)

And finally, I did not take part in the article in any way whatsoever. Any suggestions that they have interviewed me are all false. Maybe they should have asked me for an interview, I would have been more than happy to co-operate, rather than go by what some kid tells them. Or would that have been too sensible?

It just goes to show that you can't trust the press. Iltalehti is one of the more "trashy" papers, so it doesn't surprise me that they are trying to spread lies and misinformation. Perhaps they should check their sources too. They obviously haven't got a clue about The Helsinki Connection and Art Crimes and our aims.

Please note the disclaimer at the bottom of the main title page:
!Disclaimer! The owner of these pages does not wish to encourage any illegal activity that may be shown on this site. These pages are for entertainment purposes only. This site is not trying to encourage or defend graffiti, just showing it like it is.

You can also read about Art Crimes, who provide the space for these pages, and their aims by clicking here.

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