head - urban shit crew - I can Fly crew - Graffiti writing in Rome(Italy) , Warsaw(Poland) and World.

>1.Tell us your name,age,where are you from and what do you write.

So my real name is Marco, I am 27 years old and I started with graffiti in 1992 when I was 17.

> 2.The crews you are in?

Urbanshit and ICF, Urbanshit was founded by me and now there are like 5 people in it from europe and 2 fron new york city. ICF is a old cre from new york city, still active, ICF is also in s.francisco and now in rome with me. I entered ICF in the 2000 when I went to paint in nyc with NZ ONE from ICF and one of the "lords" (TFL crew) from s.francisco. So NZ one and Odie entered in Urbanshit and I entered in ICF

> 3.When and how did you started painting and what were your influences and a little bit about your first piece.

My first piece was under a bridge in a small town where I was having vacations. I did it with my best friend dj zuma, and another very good friend, his tag was Work. I was HEAD already in 1992.

> 4.What was your motivation to start painting.

Fighting racism and intolerance, fight religion intolerance and ignorance, fight multilayer society, i like a society where everyone has his rights and everyone have respect for the others.

> 5.Did anyone supported you in the family or in school?

Not really :)

> 6.How did you find your unique style and would you describe it.

I workied on 2 different styles, the first one from 1992 to 1994, then i started something completly different, and then i started mixing them around the 1998 and the style i do now is what came out. I am tryng another style now and I will mix again. I like to change many styles because there is always an evolution when you start changing what you do, you learn from mistakes and from the right things also.

> 7.Define graffiti,aerosol art, vandalism, tags,bombs, toys, kings and selling out.

I think is art of course, but probably is more a social expression of the disappointed people. I don't like the society and I cannot speak by another way, I have no TV shows for me, i cannot talk on the radio or make and advertising in the street. In the world you can only speak if you have money, i am tired of this, this is another reason because I started graffiti, ..if thay don't gimme space, i will get it by myself.

> 8.Comment the influence that technology has done on graffiti.

I like some stuff, I like my 300mm zoom that I can use to take photos of trains from far away :) ...i like the style that influence graffiti, Exactly I do a lot of backgrounds now that looks like a multimedia application, I like it. ..I could also save train yards on my gps :)

> 9.How do you feel with the commercialization of aerosol art.

I hate it, i never got payed for painting, I did a piece in a club in rome and all I got was a free entrance and 3 or 4 beers.

> 10.Tell us about the graff scene in italy the nagative-positive aspects of it.

is not that bad, it is mostly ok, there are some assholes but you find them everywhere. Some people like to fight and feel stronger than the others, some get payed with cans to make pieces on the subway from other people, ..is so fake ! ..I never painted the rome subway and i don't feel an frustrated for this, i don't give a shit :)

> 12.What frustrates you about this scene.

The people that smoke shit the whole day, i hate drugs in general.

> 13.Do you ever feel like graff is played out.

not for me :)

> 14.Do you have an interest on politics and if so how do you cross it with graffiti.

of ocurse, i hate racism and I cross the racists signs in the street, I try to complete erase them.

> 15.How do you see the future of graffiti.

I have no idea, ..is getting harder with anti graffiti paint, cameras.. mobile phones (thay can spy where you go just following where you link the network, and thay can trace you)

> 16.What do you like legal or illegal graff.

both :)

> 17.What are you doing for living.

I am a graphic designer / web designer and programmer in ASP / multimedia producer and video producer. Also photographer.

> 18.Do you have any graffstories to tell us about?

I have a lot of them, ....the most fun was painting the truck with NZ ONE in the middle of chinatown in manhattan, ..was amazing, all this chinese people running everywhere doing crazy shopping and me and him and another guy painting this truck in the middle of the street. Another funny one is when I got busted (the only time) and the cops called the owner of the building, ...and this guy said "oh ! ..i love graffiti, let them paint the whole factory" :) ...was my lucky day I think.

> 19.Does graffiti pay your bills?


> 20.Ever done canvas?

not yet. ..may be in the future.

> 21.Favorite spraypaint brand?

I like Montana but thay are getting too commercial and the quality is getting worst. I love Belton and Multona. ...i like Sparvar also and Krylon, and some cans I used in new york and I don't remamber the name.

> 22.Has your goverment done anything to eliminate the vandalism.

yes, ..thay do too much and don't care about bigger problems, like parkings, public trasportation, drug, racism, violence.

> 23.Favorite artists?

Dare, Daim, Neck, Futura 2000, Seak, Loomit, ...a lot of them, in italy there is a lot of good people also.

> 24.Anything before closing.

Yes, ..never get into drugs, if you are already, get out of it, ...the most of the drug pusher with the big business are covered by some cops and governments in many country, ..so smoking shit you fuck your head up and give money to the same assholes that wanna bust you doing graffiti, pay attention, learn respect for the other religions and races, ..respect the others and love the others, .. the world will look a little better. Love the different, because the difference between you and someone else will make both of you rich.



Interview by Keynom for "Graffiti world, Street art from five continents" book.