Art Crimes: Holland 27

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Photos from Heez:

Due, Heez, Itsme, Crime, Sure, Limit

Itsme, Near, Sehr, Jim, Heez

See it biggest
Klown, Keaz, Sket185, Sehr, Noks, Phone, Ayla, Kasr, Heez, Skore, Near, Itsme, Jeks, ? - at Akbar Jam 2011 in Delft

Alphen, Heez, Itsme, Starlet

Saiko, Reks, Rum, Heez

Rum, Heez

"RIP Amy" by Heez and Naim

Heez Heez Heez

Heez Heez Heez

Starlet, Heez "RIP Henri de Maar" by Heez

Heez Heez Heez, Korn

In Eindhoven:
Sel, Heez Heez, Chester Sel, Heez


City Walls

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