All artwork is © copyright 2006 the artists. Photos from IGB (Inter Galactic Boys), in USA and Biele, Switzerland. Sonic.IGB was one of the first writers in Europe, painting since 1983. Biele has had a hall of fame since 1985 and jams since 1986. IGB is New York: Sag, Cram, Veks 3, Slice, Credet, Fungus; Switzerland: Syke, Stero, Cade, Raptor, Bär, Sonic (Senc).

street_lyss_86x.jpg Sonic, 1986

0black_book_bearbeitet_057x.jpg Sonic, Sag

Meeting of Styles 2005, Winterthur:
mos_2005x.jpg meetingofstyle_winti_#428EA.jpg meetingofstyle2005wintix.jpg

mos_deutschland_019x.jpg mos_deutschland_021x.jpg

mos_deutschland_025x.jpg Sonic, Viks, Zmogk nscredsx.jpg Creds ostermund_2001x.jpg Sonic, 2001

ostermund_2003x.jpg Sonic, 2003

Cese, Cade, Sonic, Bär, 2005

switzerlandbrnlinex.jpg Sag, Sonic, Cram thun_2004x.jpg Sonic, 2004

Harz, Bär, Sevz, Sonic, Stero, Syke, Cade, Cese


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