Inti, page 3

All artwork on this page is © copyright 2006 the artists. Photos from Inti, Valparaiso, Chile. A few of these were painted in Santiago or San Antonio (look at the file names for city name).

inti_cat_detail06x.jpg inti_chile_ships1x.jpg inti_valparaiso13x.jpg inti_concepcion07x.jpg inti_san_antonio12x.jpg inti_santiago04x.jpg inti_valparaiso01x.jpg inti_valparaiso02x.jpg

inti_dees_santiago10x.jpg with Dees inti_dees_santiago11x.jpg with Dees

inti_dees_valparaiso09x.jpg with Dees inti_laguna_bimbo_cha#40637.jpg with Bimbo, Charq

inti_laguna_bimbo_cha#40639.jpg with Bimbo, Charq inti_laguna_charq_sti#4063D.jpg with Laguna, Charq, Stick

inti_cern_valparaiso03x.jpg with Cern (USA)


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