Art Crimes: Ireland 19

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From Rask:

Drogheda 2008: Cist, ?, Kube (green), ? (red), ? (yellow), Maser (character), ? (yellow), ? (red), Rask (green), Arts? (red), Maser (pink)

Main wall MOS Belfast 2008: Tase, Rize, Mr Zee, Rask, Lovepusher, Vosp, Lyken, Goner, Dris, Sums, Cist, Skank, Ciar, Cub52

Rask - in Dublin

From Jise, in Drogheda:
Jise Deneb Jise Rask Jise

In Dublin:
Cyst Cys Maser, Cisto

In Belfast:
Daze2 Daze2


City Walls

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