Art Crimes: Istanbul 13

All pictures on this page are © copyright 2010 the artists, in Istanbul, Turkey. Please send artist credits to and mention Istanbul 13.

From DSK:
Are Met Hz

Bokoac Hure, Hero

Isac, Hero, Omer, Kaos

Omer, Iac Omer, Mate

Raifjr, Wasp, Kien, Omer, Iac

Raifjr, Wasp, Kien, Omer

Rock, Base, Coper

Gazze DSK, Kripoe Dose

Aslan, Hero, Cler, Mores, Emar

Ayder, Hero, Choma

Fabrik, Nub, Side, Disa, Emar

DSK Hero, Emar, Base

City Walls

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