Art Crimes: Italy 41

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These photos are courtesy of Danika.

From Phorm in Perugia:
italy05_bero_m4cx.jpg Bero italy05_bochex.jpg Boche italy05_duchampx.jpg Duchamp italy05_ghost_from_nycx.jpg Ghost (New York) italy05_greatx.jpg Great (Denmark)

italy05_mesan_m4cx.jpg Mesan italy05_mesan2_m4cx.jpg Mesan italy05_twesh_m4c_looisx.jpg Twesh, Loois

From Zelo1 in Nuoro, Sardegna:
estemporanea_piazza_italiax.jpg Zelo freestyle pezzo_zelo4x.jpg Zelo

spessorirossix.jpg Zelo zelogrigiox.jpg Zelo

zelonepezzox.jpg Zelo zeloverdex.jpg Zelo


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