All artwork and images © copyright 2005 the artists. Photos are from Jaik, of Yecla, Murcia, Spain. Many of the pictures Jaik sent are very small and so we can't show a proper large version. Sorry about that. If you have a better image of any of these or would like to correct a caption, please email yo@graffiti.org and mention Jaik page 1.

Flow, Rompe, Grow, Cotez, Jaik, Miedo12, Valencia04

Peja, Nohek, Saez, Dck, Ce109, Sonik, Kif, Xizor, Jazer, Jaik, Murcia

gen_jaik_jazer_calasparrax.jpg Gen, Jaik, Jazer

gen_jaik_yecla.jpg Gen, Jaik, Yecla

gen_jaik_yecla2x.jpg Gen, Jaik, Yecla

gen13_jaik_villenax.jpg Gen13, Jaik

gen13_kaneda_jaik_narf.jpg Gen13, Kaneda, Jaik, Narf

jaik_22.jpg Jaik and ?


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