Art Crimes: Japan 22

All artwork is © copyright 2008 the artists. Please send corrections to and mention Japan 22.

From Fronx:
n0117fronxx.jpg Fronx n0136fronxx.jpg Fronx p7290088fronxx.jpg Fronx

In Kyoto:
c1085x.jpg ??

Photos from Takashi, in Osaka:
bu_one2008x.jpg Bu coas2008x.jpg Coas coas22008x.jpg Coas

dels_derek2008x.jpg Dels, Derek dels2008x.jpg Dels derek2008x.jpg Derek

derek22008x.jpg Derek eater2008x.jpg Eater form2008x.jpg Form

love_attack_pez2008x.jpg Love Attack, Pez love_attack22008x.jpg Love Attack


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