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Man o War

Art Crimes: What other forms of expression are you into? B-boy? DJ? Freestyling? Sculpture?

Joseph: Yes, I am a poet. I've been writing poetry since my first English assignments in middle school. I started realizing that I was an honorable writer in my senior year of high school. I write mostly about things I've been through. A lot of times I will present poems along with my pieces in a gallery showing. It has a nice blend that explains where I'm coming from. They tell the story of the piece. A lot of my work is personal, and I know that people won't be sensitive to the true purpose of certain works unless I lay down some form of guidance into my realms. The following is a poem that I wrote about Hip Hop and graffiti culture at the present day we live in.

"REAL" by Joseph R. Wheeler, III ca.1996

It seems like even those that "Keep it Real" have a problem
with the way others...
stay true
I won't - I need not "vandalize", as it gets called
At least not in the same way
For I have genuine fear of a record.
I represent me
For I am the shepherd
it chokes me
it says I agree
It leaves me lonely when it's out on a robbing spree
There's no changing you
or you changing me
there aren't even too many of me that are involved - 
contrary to popular suspicion 
I guess my greatest fear is that your style and unstoppable nature that EYE admire, 
will never appreciate my attire 
when I come dressed to impress ...with suits from a bigger closet. 
Cause you'd rather rag while others get the riches 
and don't go around calling their Queens - bitches.
Be a soldier in the art lines 
be a prophet
stay on a wall
stay on the land you claim
but negotiate power that puts you in ownership of where we write our names
cause we bigger than toilet stalls
and hidden walls.
But wait
that's you and this is me - and that's that feels 
and talks wisdom
but still gives credit to wider opened EYEs rotting in prisons.
It attempts to make no black or white
No good or bad
Just grey
Just watch what and how you say what you say .... TOY. 
Oh Boy. 
And another masterpiece is covered by a peon.      
So sad..........
So sad EYE am. 
Give it color - Give it freedom!!!!
The hell with where you at
Hell with the misuse and overuse of them damned gats
Half of ya'll ain't shot a thang
and if so, ain't got no aim. 
Cause you ain't a true ARTIST DIVINE!
The signs of the world are telling you to grow up
untuned senses make some spiders unable to make a Web 
to catch proper prey that would make them phat.
Talent like this should be equipped to tell its own "ART HISTORY"
Our story!
Theories about this realm that go way beyond the can. 
I ain't start with a can.... 
but if you did, more power to you. 
cause expression is versatility, availability, 
preference, and influence a lot of the time. 
Open your mind beyond only the first ways and slow behaves.
See, Kings do destroy
EYE bore witness to the carnage
but we all are fighting on different front lines in the same war! 
Please don't hate me because the world told me I was more beautiful
cause as far as I'm concerned - we're both suitable
cause we all looked good, geared up in TRUE ART rags.  
I didn't come up under the hood
because my elders were cunning enough to pull it back and get some air.  
Love is fact .....that will be followed in faith 
until the Earth goes black ...lights off...and then...
No more thought
It won't matter what made it, or who showed it, or
what was bought.....


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