Art Crimes: Kansas 3

These images are © copyright 2007 the artists. Please send correct captions to and mention Kansas 3.

These photos are all from Wichita:
kansas_wichita_muuuskax.jpg Muuuska (Mexico City)
Thanks to Risk for the photos:
lefto2006x.jpg Left lefto20061x.jpg Left

Plezo and Left:
bus_wichitax.jpg Scum gettowagonwichitax.jpg Left leftoverz1x.jpg Left

leftz1x.jpg Left truck_wall_wichita_ksx.jpg Left, Plezo truck_wichita_plezo12x.jpg Left

truck_wichita_plezo13x.jpg Plezo truckwichitax.jpg Left uyuwichitax.jpg Left

wall_wichita_ks_0641x.jpg ? wall_wichitax.jpg Lefto wall_wichita_ks_23x.jpg Plezo

wall_wichita_ks_plezo_0106x.jpg Plezo wall_wichita_plezo2x.jpg Plezo vehicle_wichita_plezox.jpg Plezo

City Walls

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