Art Crimes: Kansas City 1

Artwork © copyright 2004 the artists of Day Star Tribe and Diabolical Funk. Photos by George Davis. Please send correct captions to Please mention Kansas City 1. See more Scribe at

gearskrybe_rhinowalk2x.jpg gearskrybe_alicecatx.jpg gearskrybe_alicecat2x.jpg gearskrybe_alicewalrusx.jpg gearskrybe_alleyheadosamax.jpg gearskrybe_alleyhed1x.jpg gearskrybe_coffeex.jpg

gearskrybe_jerico1x.jpg gearskrybe_jerico2x.jpg
Halo, Hemz, Hint, and Skrybe. (Heemz first character and piece in sky far right, Hint piece on ground, Skrybe bunny character and first piece in sky, and Halo on the far right character and piece not in picture)


City Walls

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