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All artwork © copyright 2009 the artists. Photos are by Khis (Kies).WildCans.Pornostars, Spain. Artwork was done in 2008. Please send corrections to and mention Khis 9.

Canijo, Pixe, Dulk, Kies, Noke, Mover - in Valencia

Gemzo, Kies, Dulk, Ebon, Canijo, Zhork, Johe - in Alcoy

Johe, Canijo, Ebon, Dulk, Kies, Fore, Mostar - in Alcoy

Kane, Kies, Johe, Home, Dans, Raser - in Alicante

Kaniz, Kies, Canijo, Johe - in Alcoy

Kies, Gemzo, Dulk, Johe, Gomh - in Valencia

Kies, Pixe, Dulk, Dos, Johe - in Gandia

Ozer, Kies - in Paris France

Pixe, Rabo, Diga, Dulk, Kies, Johe - in Gandia


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