Korea 6

Artwork and images are © copyright 2008 the artists. Please send caption corrections to yo@graffiti.org and mention Korea 6. These paintings are from South Korea.

Photos from Jial:
24_kay2jial12006x.jpg Kay2, Jial 25_neverjial1_suiko_#542CB3.jpg Never, Jial, Suiko, Kay2

26jial12007x.jpg Jial 27_raka_neverjial12007x.jpg Raka, Never, Jial

28_drcjial12007x.jpg Jial 29jial12007x.jpg Jial 30jial12007x.jpg Jial

31_negujial1_mafeel2007x.jpg Negu, Jial, Mafeel 32jial12007x.jpg Jial 33jial12007x.jpg Jial

35jial12007x.jpg Jial 36jial12007x.jpg Jial

37jial12007x.jpg Jial


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