Art Crimes: Los Angeles 65

All artwork is © copyright 2002 the artists. Photos thanks to Bravo One.TB. These photos are quite old, but we don't know exactly when the pieces were painted. Do you? Send caption corrections to and mention LA 65.

ash89.motor_yardx.jpg Ash 1989 RTA yard fade.vis.tame.gremlinx.jpg Fade, Vis, Tame, Gremlin

old.visionx.jpg Vision risk.motoryardx.jpg Risk and Reas, motor yard

skilroc.utix.jpg Skilroc.UTI

wcawsomex.jpg "Awesome" by WCA at Bollonga Creek

ash1.wca.the next breedx.jpg Coolboy.WCA at Motor yard coax.awr.dissedx.jpg Coax.AWR (dissed)

vision.ksnyard.oldx.jpg "VSN" by Vision at Ballonga Creek


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