Art Crimes: Los Angeles 73

All artwork is © copyright 2003 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention LA 73.

by Marka 27, Vyal, J-nub.COI. Mother Teresa by Marka27 "to promote faith, hope and discipline."

afrikabamx.jpg afrikabam2x.jpg
"Afrika Bambaata" by Man, Marka, Vyal

Photos courtesy of Zoueh and Mers.D2R:
2003_la_c1x.jpg D2R 2003_la_amber_015x.jpg Zoueh 2003_la_110x.jpg Mers 2003_la_c63x.jpg Cyte 2003_la_c803x.jpg Muter 2003_la_cdm03x.jpg D2R 2003_la_ctrp03x.jpg ? 2003_la_cyte12x.jpg Cyte 2003_la_cytemalibux.jpg Cyte 2003_la_cyter2001x.jpg Cyte


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