Art Crimes: Los Angeles 84

All artwork is © copyright 2004 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention LA 84.

prigoff_mear22004x.jpg prigoff_mear_la2004x.jpg
Mear (photos by Jim Prigoff)

prigoff_marka27glendale04x.jpg Marka27 (photo by Jim Prigoff) mmasters2004x.jpg

Homage to the Mexican Masters, by Zender, Nuke and Chose. Siner, Zuco, Scud, Emilioh, Shandu and Duce also contributed significantly. Photo by Zender

2003_0101_004x.jpg Fear 2003_0101_038x.jpg Fear 2004_0508_004x.jpg Fear

unitriver1996x.jpg Unit (1996)

Photos from Darrel:
2004_la_p1280234x.jpg Secret 2004_la_pa110153x.jpg Gylt 2004_la_pb160214x.jpg Sano


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