Art Crimes: Los Angeles 86

All artwork is © copyright 2004 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention LA 86.

These are all by Mesr:

2004_la_mesr12x.jpg (San Diego) 2004_la_mesr17x.jpg (San Francisco)

2004_la_mesr1x.jpg (Belmont) 2004_la_mesr21x.jpg (New Mexico)

2004_la_mesr22x.jpg (New Mexico) 2004_la_mesr25x.jpg (Long Beach) with Plek

2004_la_mesr27x.jpg 2004_la_mesr29x.jpg

2004_la_mesr30x.jpg (Long Beach) character by Plek 2004_la_mesr36x.jpg (San Diego)

2004_la_mesr4x.jpg (San Bernardino)


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