All artwork is © copyright 2009 the artists. Photos by Leper, from Alabama USA.

Center (piece and Japanese character), Obra, Eon75, Waf (small piece and monkey character), Leper, Tesda (character) (photo from Eon75)

38d0455_leperx.jpg 3eaa20b_leperx.jpg 917d9_leperx.jpg a2fd03d_leperx.jpg a3b5da_leperx.jpg ce6e30_leperx.jpg d2ef303_leperx.jpg e84f30_leperx.jpg 0dfe8f7_leperx.jpg ee6c8702_leperx.jpg (after Rembrandt)

2021e_b_leperx.jpg 93d19_leperx.jpg
Waf, Leper, Fuck, Cibo, Center, Eon75

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