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The Lame Face history

The Lame Face crew was founded on 29-6-1994 by SAME, SHAS, SHREAQ and KOEM (TMP Member), although they were already into graffiti for a long time then. Shreaq was and is down with the 3rd Eye crew as well. The first year SAME and SHAS did most of their pieces together, as they were trying to create their own 3D style. Later each of them started dropping their own shit.

The LF slowly built up a reputation in Amsterdam, and other writers started doing shit with the LF, such as PRZH, Tique (from the TBH), and Minks (from CSW), from the Utrecht region. In the beginning of 1996 most LF writers were pretty silent, mainly because the were also trying out their stuff on canvas (SCHILDERIJENZ).

29 June 1994 Founding of the Lame Face Crew
Sept 1995:The first Lame Face Page is put on Internet
23 April 1997:A new hitcounter by Nedstat is installed
May 1997: More than 3.000 hits since start
10 July 1997:since 23 April 1997 1.000 hits
22 July 1997:the complete Lame Face graffiti Site moved to Art Crimes
with the adress
15 September 1997:More than 50 different countries visited our site
2 Oktober 1997:since 23 April 1997 2.500 hits
6 October 1997:the lf site at the old URL closes
25 November 1997:since 23 April 1997 3.500 hits
15 Februari 1998:since 23 April 1997 5.000 hits
22 March 1998:since 23 April 1997 6.000 hits
April, 22th 1998:since 23 April 1997 7.000 hits
August, 20th 1998since 23 April 1997 10.000 hits
December, 6th 1998since 23 April 1997 15.000 hits
February, 23th 1999since 23 April 1997 20.000 hits
May, 24th 1999since 23 April 1997 25.000 hits
Jan, 20th 2001since 23 April 1997 56.000 hits
Feb, 14th 2001since 23 April 1997 hits from 100 different coutries
Nov, 16th 2001since 23 April 1997 80.000 hits
Oct, 28th 2002since 23 April 1997 108.000 hits
Oct, 28th 2004since 23 April 1997 136.000 hits
Jun, 28th 2004since 23 April 1997 over 150.000 hits
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KOEM, PRZH and SAME (in random order)

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Some of the names on this site are not real names and we don't know their real names.
We are not responsible for all photos on this site

DISCLAIMER: Lame Face Crew does not condone vandalism or the making of graffiti. We are only here to provide pictures of beautiful artwork that just happen to be done on walls, trains, vans, trucks, etc... We do not support vadalism in any way. All pictures that are provided inside this website are copyrighted the photographer and Lame Face Crew, which means you cannot take pictures from this site without asking first! Graffiti is illegal and Lame Face Crew does not encourage breaking the law.

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