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Tips for toys

Due to an overwhelming approach of beginning graffers who ask us to give them tips about making graffiti, I made this page.

- Use Sparvar, Krylon or Belton cans ( I get nothing paid for saying this..)
- Use an background that does not suck all your paint up. (latexed wood, latexed brickwalls or already done walls)
- Make graff in this order: When necessary Latex, Sketch (use light color(s)), Fill-in, Outline, Highlight
- When its the first time.. god, don't freestyle..
- Only use fatcaps for the fill-in
- Try copying us
- Look at our page every day

wait.. a great animated gif will appear here
oEbe made by Shas (assignment)

In de graffiti onderscheidt men in principe 3 soorten graffiti's:

  • De tag: de 'handtekening' van de graffitist onder een pseudoniem. Gezet met 1 spuitbus.
  • De throw up: de naam van de graffitist in simpele, snelle, meestal bolle letters, met weinig spuitbussen gemaakt.
  • De piece: de kleurige tekeningens van de naam van de graffitist en/of van poppetjes (characters). Gemaakt met meerdere kleuren spuitbussen

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