All photos and all artwork are by Loomit except as marked. All artwork is copyright © 2001 the artists. See Loomit's home page. Loomit is quite likely the graffiti artist who painted the most pieces, productions, and murals in the world, all over the world, in the 1990s to present. He's been writing since Not surprisingly, he has images all over the Web too. He also paints on canvas.

Here's a small sample of what Loomit's done in 2001.

loomit1a_sm.jpg "Munich" (in Wiesbaden - Wallstreet Meeting )

loomit1bsm.jpg with Kacao 77 (in Berlin - Hip Hop Sommerschule)

loomit1csm.jpg with Os Gemeos from Brazil and Sat 1 (in Berlin - Alexanderplatz)

loomit1dsm.jpg "Nestle" with Sat (in Munich)

loomit2asm.jpg with Phos 4 & Kacao 77 (in Berlin - Hip Hop Sommerschule)

loomit2bsm.jpg with Akim (in Berlin - Mauerpark)

loomit2dsm.jpg with Rogen (in Berlin)

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