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All artwork on this page is © copyright 2010 the artists. Photos thanks to Lunar YCP, from Zagreb Croatia. Please send corrections to and mention Lunar 10.

Here are some pictures from Lunar's 2009 and 2010 adventures:

Below: "Heaven & Hell" on 19 x 2 x 2m metal plates for the New Museum of Contemporary Art In Zagreb, Croatia

see it biggest (665k)
Painted April 2010 by: Morka, Zets, Flying Fortress (Germany), Angel, Lortek, Zedz (Holland), The London Police (England), Lunar

Lunar, Lore, Morka, Loomit (Germany) - in Rijeka

Zedz and Lunar - in Amsterdam

Organization: Rienke Enghardt / Hope Box
Works: Rienke Enghardt, Slaven Lunar Kosanovic, Zedz, Ivo Smack Kosanovic
Photos: Ivo Smack Kosanovic


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