Art Crimes: Madrid 11

Artwork is © copyright 2005 the artists: Jes, Speck, Hus, Kike, Zamz, Chil, Kany, Miky - the Vampire Warriors crew, in Alcorcón Madrid 2004. This production is a tribute to Robert Crumb, whose characters were painted by Jes, except Fritz The Cat, which was painted by Miky.

Full mural thanks to Jes:

These images are courtesy of Daniel Bernal:

vampire_warriors_jes_px.jpg jes_vampire_warriors_px.jpg 1vampire_warriorsx.jpg 2ajes_vampire_warriorsx.jpg jes.zamz_madrid2004_px.jpg jes_vampire_warriorsx.jpg jes_chilx.jpg 2bchil.jes_madrid_px.jpg 3jes_muralcrumb_madridx.jpg 4kany_jes_vampirex.jpg vw_detail_px.jpg kike.jes_madrid2004x.jpg 5jes_vw_madridx.jpg vw_mural_crumb_px.jpg vampirewarriors_madri_4e4dx.jpg vampire_warriors_and_jes_1x.jpg fritz_the_cat_by_miki_px.jpg


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