Art Crimes: Max's summer vacation 2004

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Yukatan Mexico and Belize, South America

summa4_068x.jpg This just kinda grew out of the jungle on the side of the road. Taken by the Tulum ruins in Yucatan Mexico.
summa4_097x.jpg Mmm, the stocktip throwup with comex (covers alright, mad thin and drippy tho, and the cans seem to often lie about their true colors and all too often come equipped with female nozzles...
flickxs_219x.jpg Foosball table in San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico. Peace to el Pesk y el Smer.
summa4_221x.jpg Somewhere around Playa Del Carmen (a terrible tourist shithole near Cancun thats like a giant mall with endless free tequila.
summa4_223x.jpg Max
summa4_235x.jpg ah Mexico... chicharones...
summa4_237x.jpg Pinche drogas
summa4_257x.jpg Coba, Mexico
summa4_270x.jpg Mexico...
summa4_220x.jpg Taken in Placencia, Belize (the peninsula). If you're ever there, check the recording studio/record store Word Power Sound. My boy Hmbl1 designed some t-shirt logos and stuff fer them.
summa4_099x.jpgsumma4_101x.jpg The "7-11" in Punta Gorda, Belize. An epic party shack indeed. They claim to be a store but really just sell mass quanaty of tree. The kids write "taliban" and aside from homophobic shit like "no bawty bwoy", its the only graff in town. all talibans are written with bucket paint.
summa4_134x.jpg Irie as fuck. Throughout Belize, esspecially in smaller "garifuna" villages there are numerous types of homemade mash/wines available such as starfruit, applebannana fruit, cashew fruit, and many other fruits that i do not recall but are fkn amazingly tasty and alchoholic. "Bitters" are also homemade and consumed in mass. Aside from the homebrews people essentially drink stout and mad sweet and cheap port wine or fortified ginger wines.


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