All artwork on this page is © copyright 2012 the artists. Images from Sem, of Medekingz, in Medellin, Colombia.

Numak, Zycra, Sem, Vira, Chill, Malicia

Nino, Numak, Chill, Vira, Sem, Mks, Zycra

Nino, Vira, Zycra, Chill, Sem, Numak, Crs

MDZ La Plaga, Sem, Chill, Turbo

Chill, Zycra, Sem

La Plaga, Sem, Nino, Chill, Zycra

Chill, Numak, Sem, Vira, Crs, Mks, Zycra, Kapese.DA2C, Nino, Malk


see it biggest
Chill, La Plaga, Sem, Nino, Vira, Yako.BCK, Kops.CKC, Mks, Zycra, Numak, Crs, Dexs.INK

Vira, La Plaga, Crs, Nino, Zycra, Chill, Sem

Crs, Nino, Chill, Vira, La Plaga, Zycra, Mks, Numak, Sem

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