Art Crimes: Mexico 18

These pictures are © copyright 2004 the artists. Caption corrections to (mention Mexico 18)

All of these paintings were done in Mexicali.

Zore, King157 character, Gigs, King157, Zone, Days?, Sphere (photo thanks to Zone)

Photos from Meex One (LA):
grafcon2004st_apocolypse2x.jpg "Apocolypse" by ? grafcon2004_aerox.jpg Aero grafcon2004_bam_crew2x.jpg BAM grafcon2004_deforx.jpg Defor grafcon2004_grizmx.jpg Grizm grafcon2004_jehux.jpg Jehu grafcon2004_kenrx.jpg Kenr grafcon2004_meexicalix.jpg Meex grafcon2004_pagex.jpg Page grafcon2004_serkx.jpg Serk grafcon2004_toomerx.jpg Toomr grafcon2004_v_als_ink_piggx.jpg ?


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