Art Crimes: Mexico 26

These pictures are © copyright 2005 the artists. Caption corrections to (mention Mexico 26)

by EUR from Guadalajara:
jahil_reline2003x.jpg Jahil, Reline, 2003 reline_gonser2000x.jpg Reline, Gonser, 2000 reline1999x.jpg Reline, 1999 reline2000x.jpg Reline, 2000 reline2002x.jpg Reline, 2002 spoer2000x.jpg Spoer, 2000

from Letal:
letal002x.jpg Letal letal003x.jpg Letal letal004x.jpg Letal smart_letal002x.jpg Smart, Letal

from BD in Queretaro:
bd_queretarox.jpg BD boilerbdx.jpg BD


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