Art Crimes: Mexico 29

These pictures are © copyright 2005 the artists. Caption corrections to (mention Mexico 29)

These photos are all from Smer.

mpek_smer1x.jpg Mpek and Smer mpek_smerx.jpg Mpek (Puebla) smer_2_smerx.jpg Smer, in Veracruz

veracruz_2_smerx.jpg Smer, in Veracruz veracruz_smerx.jpg Smer, in Veracruz

100_5680_smerx.jpg Smer, Xtrem, in Veracruz 7_smerx.jpg Smer

ene_peke_mibe_smerx.jpg Ene, Peque (Monterrey), Mibe festen_smerx.jpg Smer

fighter_smerx.jpg Fighter guko_irem_smerx.jpg Guko (Canada), Irem


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