Art Crimes: Miami 9

All pictures on this page are © copyright 2003 the artists. Photos courtesy of Merck Records. Walls were painted in 1995-99. Please send caption corrections to (mention Miami 9)

crome2_overtownx.jpg Crome crome3_overtownx.jpg Crome crome_beno_overtownx.jpg Crome, Beno crome_logek_overtownx.jpg Crome, Logek crome_overtownx.jpg Crome dask_overtownx.jpg Dask devils_advocates_overtownx.jpg DA fuze_hest_inprogre_overtowx.jpg Fuze, Hest (in progress) hero_overtownx.jpg Hero hv_detn8_overtownx.jpg HV, Detn8 loomit_overtownx.jpg Loomit (Munich, Germany) ozone_overtownx.jpg Ozone triax_downtownx.jpg Triax wall_overtownx.jpg Overtown wall


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