Art Crimes: New Jersey 25

All pictures on this page are © copyright 2006 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention New Jersey 25.

All of these are by Kasso, in Trenton, except as marked:
skateparkold_asian_manx.jpg warehouse3facesx.jpg warehousepic2x.jpg yellow_character_kassox.jpg lilgirlncccx.jpg kasso_jiggax.jpg tribute to Jay-Z caster_aids_kassox.jpg with Caster, in Camden futura_kassox.jpg portrait of Futura

joebase_kassox.jpg with Base kasso_protrait_of_era#46734.jpg portrait of Eraserhead

kasso_protrait_of_sau#46736.jpg portrait of Saul Williams memorial_camdenx.jpg RIP

pro_fa_kassox.jpg with Pro, in Camden rain_kasso_newbrunswickx.jpg with Rain


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