Noise.DGF, page 2

All artwork and images © copyright 2007 Noise.DGF, from Strasbourg France. Shoes: Superstar Adicolor 29th anniversary special edition by Noise on Adidas. Marker on shoes, 100% handmade, no print except for the labels.

200603noisex.jpg 270706_noisex.jpg abs_battle_080406_noisex.jpg elect_noisex.jpg hawai2006_noisex.jpg 040804_noisex.jpg 070105_noisex.jpg 080605_noisex.jpg noise_strgx.jpg noise200703x.jpg 001_6noisex.jpg 002_13noisex.jpg 003noisex.jpg 004_1noisex.jpg 005_1noisex.jpg 121105_noisex.jpg 2000noisex.jpg

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