Art Crimes: New York 17

All pictures on this page are © copyright 1996 Omar FlyID

Swatch supercolor piece. I did this one with the intention of painting with as much colors as Clark does. This is on the commuter train tracks in the South Bronx...

Swatch "Party Robot" and Omar. This was taken during the Fly ID New Year's Eve Outlaw Party in an abandoned train tunnel...

Swatch "Wasteland Warrior". This character I did on a pillar in an abondoned tunnel

Swatch polka dot piece. This is in an abandoned factory in Spanish Harlem. I blew up the spot and put lots of writers down with this spot....

Swatch piece on rooftop, 2/5 line, Bronx....being the first writer up on a new wall is the best feeling on the planet...since you know all writers are scoping and scheming to hit that wall also.


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