Art Crimes: New York 63

Images © 2002 the artists. Thanks to Spek Ikna for the photos. Please email the missing piece to us.

character_by_saes_tvt-1x.jpg character_by_saes_tvtx.jpg kais_bckx.jpg abe_kisx.jpg characters_by_saes_tvtx.jpg speks200209nycx.jpg saz_by_mekax.jpg sak_tfox.jpg pase1x.jpg character_by_jewx.jpg jew_btx.jpg From top left: Dedication to Vaugn Bode, missing piece, character by Saes.TVT, Kais.BCK, Abe.KIS, characters by Saes, Spek.IKNA, "Saz" by Meka, Sak.TFO, Pase1, character and piece by Jew.BT


City Walls

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