Art Crimes: New York 73

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These photos courtesy of Toofly.
Toofly, Fever, Muck, QA, Acet at the Harlem Hall of Fame 2003:
toofly_halloffame03_08x.jpg toofly_halloffame03_02x.jpg
Graffiti Hall of Fame, N.Y. 2003


toofly_nycjam_01x.jpg toofly_nycjam_02x.jpg NYC Mural Jam, Brooklyn N.Y. 2003

toofly_36streetwall_01x.jpg 36St. Queens Blvd 2003

toofly_baddwallbx_02x.jpg Baad Wall Bronx 2003

toofly_bboybbq_01x.jpg B-BOY BBQ, Philadelphia 2003

toofly_east117_01x.jpg toofly_east117_03x.jpg
QA, Toofly, Cope2, and ACB. Harlem East 117 St. Harlem N.Y. 2003

toofly_hallfamewall02_01x.jpg Graffiti Hall of Fame 2002 toofly_5pointzx.jpg


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