Art Crimes: New York 94

Artwork © 2007 the artists. Please send corrections to and mention New York 94.

ris_inwood_lowx.jpg Ghost, Ket sonic002_911_wallx.jpg
Ink76, KA One, Sonic 002, Sper, Dean (France) - 2005

sonic002_0044x.jpg tribute to 911, detail - in Queens, NY, sonic002_0165x.jpg character detail

soem_nyc_the_pitx.jpg Soem - 2005

From Spek:
hpim0620x.jpg Pase, Jew hpim0621x.jpg 2 Ill hpim0622x.jpg Abe, Kais hpim0623x.jpg Spek

breakinwallx.jpg Bis bistwistedcityx.jpg Bis enchpiece97x.jpg Ench icanlivepiecex.jpg Bis

nyc_opiem_am73x.jpg Opiem, Ceaze, Gasr nyc_opiem_am76x.jpg Opiem

nyc_longisland_b8x.jpg Zeus nyc_li_b16x.jpg Zeus


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